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Have your say – future options for Maintained Nursery Schools in Croydon


Croydon Council is consulting on whether and, if so, how to reduce the number of Maintained Nursery Schools within the borough via closure or amalgamation.


The consultation document and questionnaire can be accessed and completed online at during the consultation period from 19 September to 17 October 2023.  A document containing FAQs can also be accessed via the above weblink.


Childcare Business Croydon is a smart way of providing one searchable online space for childcare professionals. The website aims to provide a central hub that offers all the information required for new and existing childcare providers to support them throughout all stages of their business and service delivery.


The development of good quality childcare is a key part of Croydon’s strategy for early intervention as well as addressing child poverty. The provision of high quality childcare is shown to improve the life chances of children, and is seen by some, to be a key factor in improving the well-being and economic renewal of families. Ensuring that provision is of the highest quality is one of the key drivers of the approach to developing provision in Croydon.


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